Zulkir was a title of power among the ruling Red Wizards of Thay. There were eight zulkirs, one for each school of magic; together they formed the Council of Zulkirs which ruled the Red Wizards and, by extension, Thay itself. They did not directly control the country, as the day-to-day governing was left to the tharchions.[1][2]

Zulkirs held their positions for life, or until he or she renounced the title. When a position opened, wizards of the same school of magic selected the replacement, but often other zulkirs tried to sway the election, making the appointment an intrigue-filled and ruthless event.[1]

Following the War of the Zulkirs, seven of the most powerful liches serving under the High Regent Szass Tam were appointed as zulkirs. While they acted as his stewards and carried out his will, they maintained the previous hierarchy that saw them delegate day-to-day governance to the provincial tharchions.[3]

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