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Zulkir was a title of power among the Red Wizards of Thay. There were eight zulkirs, one for each School of Magic; together they ruled the Red Wizards and, by extension, Thay itself. They did not directly control the country, as the day-to-day governing was left to the tharchions. However, they had the ears of the tharchions, and "what the zulkirs want, they get". This truth explains many of the failures of Thay — as there was no one ruler of the Red Wizards, the constant in-fighting among the zulkirs often resulted in ruined plans.

Zulkirs held their positions for life, or until he or she renounced the title. When a position opened, wizards of the same school of magic selected the replacement, but often other zulkirs tried to sway the election, making the appointment an intrigue-filled and ruthless event.

As of 1385 DR the current zulkirs were:

School of Magic Zulkir
Abjuration Lallara Mediocros (deceased)
Conjuration Nevron (deceased) [note 1]
Divination Yaphyll (deceased)[note 2]
Enchantment Lauzoril (deceased)
Evocation Kumed Hahpret [note 3]
Illusion Dmitra Flass (deceased)[note 4]
Necromancy Szass Tam [note 5]
Transmutation Samas Kul (deceased)[note 6]

All the remaining zulkirs were killed in 1478 DR while stopping Szass Tam's plan to destroy the multiverse and build it anew as he saw fit.[1]



  1. Nevron was killed by Szass Tam and his soul transformed in a Mane demon. (see: Unholy novel)
  2. Yaphyll was inadvertently slain by Szass Tam while casting a powerful divination spell under duress. (see: Undead novel)
  3. replaced Aznar Thrul following his assassination in 1375 DR
  4. Dmitra Flass, who replaced Mythrellan following her demise in 1375 DR, was killed in 1385 DR
  5. for a couple of years Zola Sethrakt represented the few necromancers not allied with Szass in the council of zulkirs during the war of Thay until she was killed in 1385 DR by one of Nevron's demons
  6. replaced Druxus Rhym in 1375 DR following his assassination


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