Zulkir is a title of power among the Red Wizards of Thay. There are eight Zulkirs, one for each School of Magic; together they rule the Red Wizards and by extension, Thay itself. They do not directly control the country; day-to-day governing is left to the Tharchions. However, they have the ears of the Tharchions and what the Zulkirs want, they get. This truth explains many of the failures of Thay – as there is no one ruler of the Red Wizards, the constant in-fighting among the Zulkirs often results in ruined plans.

Zulkirs hold their positions for life, or until he or she renounces the title. When a position opens, the other Zulkirs together choose a replacement, making the appointment an intrigue-filled and ruthless situation.

The current Zulkirs are:

School of Magic Zulkir
Abjuration Lallara
Conjuration Nevron
Divination Yaphyll
Enchantment Lauzoril
Evocation Aznar Thrul
Illusion Mythrellaa
Necromancy Szass Tam
Transmutation Druxus Rhym
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