Zundaerazylym, or Amundra Nelaerdra, was an ancient steel dragon in Neverwinter in 1374 DR.[2]


Zundaerazylym came to believe that the two greatest menaces to the North were the harsh climate and orc hordes. She decided that her duty was to resolve the orc problem. So, circa 1344 DR, Zundaerazylym hatched a plan: to manipulate the evil dragons to make their lairs in orc territories in order that they would fight each other, and to use alchemy make it easier for good dragons to live in harmony with humanoid races.

Understanding that for so great a plan she needed help, Zundaerazylym adopted the disguise of "Amundra Nelaerdra", a laundress living and working at the Moonstone Mask, and using this alias she started recruiting agents to spread rumors to attract evil dragons to orc territories. She named her organization the Soft Claws.

In 1374 DR, Zundaerazylym was busy in her alchemical research, which had created some substances useful for good dragons.[2]


Zundaerazylym's most trusted friend and ally was Ophala Cheldarstorn, her boss at the Moonstone Mask, and one of the few that knew her true nature. She had a good relationship with the female adventuring company the Galadran Company and their patron, the copper dragon Galadaeros.[3]


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