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Zygraats, more commonly known as spider hawks, were an unusual variety of creature that combined aspects of hawks and spiders.[1]


Zygraats largely resembled a bird of prey, such as a hawk, but had six legs. Their underbelly was like that of a spider and they also had a grey, spider-like abdomen. Inside their beaked mouths a series of tiny, hollow fangs ran along both ridges of their jaw.[1]


The spider-like abdomen of these creatures contained a milky fluid that coalesced into silky threads upon exposure to air. This allowed them to form large webs that were very strong, but not sticky. While perched they could project this thread as a stream directly at creatures from up to 50 feet (15 meters) away, thereby trapping them, which is a tactic it often used when hunting away from its lair.[1]

Their fangs were laced with a form of poison. Infants were incapable of flying or producing webbing, instead scurrying around on their legs.[1]


These creatures had a semi-level of intelligence. They had no interest in treasure or gems and would ignore shiny objects.[1]


Zygraats tried to trap wandering prey in net-like barriers of their silk webbing and would then swoop down to bite them with their poisonous fangs.[1]


It was rare to encounter male specimens of this species, for female zygraats devoured them during the mating process. They laid around six to thirty six egg sacks.[1]


Zygraats were a carnivorous species that preferred relatively small prey. A nesting zygraat often had a larder of fresh meat to feed their young.[1]


Zygraats were only known to be found in isolated forest regions. They laid their egg sacks in web-like nests built high atop trees or along rocky cliffsides. They sometimes used bits or clothing or other material when constructing their nests and would secure brightly colored bits of cloth to [1]

Some could be found across the forests of Cormanthor, including around the ruins of Myth Drannor.[2]


The milky fluid within the abdomen of these creatures was prized as an alternative material component for the spell web that made the web produced by the spell harder for creatures to escape from. An abdomen contained enough fluid for three such uses. In addition, some creatures fashioned the webs of zygraats into robes.[1]


The spell flight of Remnis could summon a zygraat to the aid of its caster.[3]



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