Zzar wrestling was a sport usually played just for the entertainment of the spectators. It was popular in northwest Faerûn circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. Typically two contestants wearing minimal clothing were doused with sticky zzar and wrestled in a tiny arena also coated with zzar. The object of the game was to force the opposing player's hand to touch a brightly colored circle on the floor of the arena. Matches could be played to first touch, best of three, or as a team sport, taking turns in the ring and being the first team to reach a goal (typically nine).[1]


Two female contestants compete in zzar wrestling for the crowd at the Roaring Dragon House.

At the Roaring Dragon House outside of Waterdeep, this sport was played in a polished stone bowl about ten feet (three meters) across. Wrestlers of both sexes were hired mainly for their fitness of physique and wore a full-face war helm to protect their looks and hair. Customers watched and cheered for their favorites, and wagering on the outcome was quite common.[1]

Notable ParticipantsEdit

Elminster and Storm Silverhand once competed in this sport, with the Old Sage being the victor. Storm claimed that he "surprised her". Elminster complained that it took days to get the sticky substance out of his beard, but noted with some relish that it took Storm even longer to get it out of her hair.[1]



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